Paul Stavros | Greater Toronto Area Specialist
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I help upsizing Toronto families write
their next chapter with my move up method


A Little About Me

I’m the son of immigrant parents who came here from Greece over 40 years ago.  They opted for a life full of risk and uncertainty to get away from the economic problems of our home country and raise a family of respectable and hard working individuals.

Time To Make A Move?

Here’s my Buyer and Seller Checklist! Utilizing these checklists along with my Move Up Method, these will be the blueprint to help you achieve your dreams.

Humble Beginnings

Having watched my parents get older, working jobs they didn’t like, and learning over time how much they sacrificed for my brother, sister and I, a lightbulb went off in my head.

Prior to Real Estate, I was working in manufacturing, where I was a production supervisor for seven and a half years. I was living a life based on what I thought was correct – getting a “good job” even though I never went to university, but my parents came here to give me a better life… it was time for me to start living one. And that led me to Real Estate.

Toronto Is The Best City In The World

I’m a firm believer that we live in one of the most amazing cities in the world and should be thankful to be able to wake and call Toronto home. When you visit Greece, especially the farms, all the homes are made of limestone to help keep them cool since AC and electricity are myths there. My parents have 7 siblings – EACH! Both lived in homes that were a living area with a fireplace to cook with and an empty space for beds. The washroom? We won’t get into that!


Their life in Toronto is a total 180 from what they were used to, so you can imagine the level of discomfort and adjusting they had to go through. They started out in the basement of a family friend that had already immigrated here and established themselves, eventually scraping up their savings in order to purchase not a house… but a condo! 

The Right Vibe Attracts The Right Tribe

My mother is all in on her children. It’s what motivates her day in and day out.  She saw the prospect of a condo being something that could keep us safe with there being multiple floors and a 24 hour security guard/system on the premises.  Was she a bit paranoid? Sure! But she wasn’t wrong either.


I still hear my mom and dad murmur to this day that they should have bought a house instead of a condo.  They achieved their goal of living a better life, but it’s never enough… even though they raised two realtors and a chiropractor!

Experience + Enthusiam = Winning

The reason I got into real estate is to give other people what my parents never had: sound advice. Real Estate is tough and you need someone who’s going to be on your side, helping you make decisions that have your growing family’s long-term interests in mind.  


Having a passionate agent who could advocate for my parents and help them navigate the choices in front of them would have been the factor that helped them make a decision that they wouldn’t regret. Since I don’t have a time machine, my dream is to purchase my parents their first house. It’s never too late and there’s no dream out there that’s too big!

I’ve Been There

Growing up in a condo as a child… then a teen… and then as an adult, I understand that there are disadvantages. Eventually, your family just needs more space, a nicer neighborhood, better schools, and a place to build real memories without worrying about condo politics or the high churn of new neighbors.  


My goal is to help you find the right house that will support your family’s growth in a great neighborhood, while handing your condo over to people who’ll appreciate it just as much as you did when you were entering the real estate market.

Greater Toronto

I am a native-Torontonian with an abundance of information on real estate markets and investment opportunity.


My greatest strength is negotiating the right price for you and your family. #BetterCallPaul

Over Asking

I aim for the stars and never settle for less than what my clients want.

Happy Families

The greatest reward is changing lives and real estate allows me to do that every single day,

Clients’ words

Buying? Selling? Better Call Paul!

Think The Move Up Method Is Right For You?

Hit me up in the contact section and I’ll be sure to send you over a copy!